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My Journey from Quality, Regulation and Compliance to Quality of life, Spiritual Care and Supporting Aged Care Professionals

I have been involved in supporting organisations to provide care and services to older people for over 25years. I have worked in an industry peak body, for the national regulator and worked with numerous providers. My main expertise and goal has been to improve the quality of care for older people. This has meant lots of work in relation to Quality Standards, compliance and quality management systems.


Over time, I came to see that there is so much focus on quality of care and many great organisations and individuals supporting aged care organisations. From 2014, I felt called to exclusively focus on improving the quality of life for older people and supporting those working in aged care. This is now my entire focus as reflected by my new website. To be honest, quality of life and spiritual care are far less profitable than quality and compliance. However, I must follow my heart and what I believe is important. Promoting quality of life, improved spiritual care, and supporting aged care professionals is what I am focused on for the rest of my working life.

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