Integrating Spirituality into Clinical Care

Integrating Spirituality into Clinical Care

Enabling older people to live life to the full.

Electronic Care planning systems, endless assessments, and time constraints have all contributed to clinical care that focuses on physical care. Spiritual needs are frequently treated as if they were separate from clinical care rather than as if they were an integral component of it. When assessments and care plans are conducted without a spiritual component, atomistic, maintenance-oriented care may result. The entire process is reframed as clinically enabling the older person to live life to the fullest when the spiritual dimension is at the core of assessments and care planning.

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In clinical terms, this means that the first step is to figure out what it means for each older person to “live life to the fullest.” If it is gardening, how can clinical care support that? Balance, mobility, dexterity, timing of medications and considering abilities (rather than deficits) are just some of the ways that effective clinical care can support an older person to truly ‘live life to the fullest’.

This webinar is designed for those who are involved in direct clinical care or oversight of clinical care such as nurses, care managers, allied health, care/case managers, and spiritual care practitioners.

You will come away from this webinar with the knowledge and skills to recognise and incorporate the spiritual dimension into clinical practice.

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