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Elizabeth is highly experienced expert in the areas of ageing, spirituality and quality of life. As an experienced manager, she is able to empathise and support others on their journey.

Lorraine Poulus

Elizabeth has had governance roles with Anglicare Sydney since 2018.  She is a passionate advocate for a relational and person-centred approach with spirituality integrated into the model of care.  Her deep knowledge of the aged care sector, the standards and the regulatory environment have been invaluable to Anglicare Sydney as it pursues opportunities for continuous improvement and faces the challenges of constant change.

Greg Hammond, OAM Chairman Anglican Community Services (Anglicare NSW)

Elizabeth’s work on the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care and Aged Care was thorough, disciplined, efficient and insightful. She is eminently professional, and also brings great heart and intellect to her work. An invaluable combination, and a huge asset to anyone to works with her.

Ilsa Hampton, CEO of Meaningful Ageing Australia

I met Elizabeth when she developed the National Guidelines for Spiritual Care in Aged Care, the outcome of a project partnership between Meaningful Ageing Australia and Spiritual Health Association. Elizabeth was always highly professional with a depth of integrity and clear passion for the work of spiritual care. The continuing impact of the Guidelines are testimony to her understanding of, and sensitivity to, people’s spiritual needs.

Cheryl Holmes, OAM Chief Executive Officer, Spiritual Health Association

I first met Elizabeth Pringle when she was working for a previous version of the national aged care standards and accreditation body for Australia. I was very impressed with her knowledge about ageing and her openness to recognition of the spiritual dimension of all people. We have kept touch over the years and I was delighted when she enrolled in and then successfully completed her Master of ageing and pastoral studies through CSU. We subsequently worked together on spiritual and pastoral matters with older people. I invited Elizabeth to teach in the ageing and pastoral studies course at CSU/ST Mark’s, and she was later appointed to coordinate the course. Her administrative knowledge of the aged care system and her abilities were perfect for the work. Among other things, Elizabeth and I have shared facilitating a one day workshop on spiritual reminiscence. I enjoy working with Elizabeth for her ability to come on side with ideas and knowledge, her commitment to best practice with older people and her excellent communication skills. She carries a rare and valuable combination of knowledge, experience and skills that she shares generously with others.

Adjunct Rev Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay AM PhD FACN Adjunct Research Professor, Public and Contextual Theology Research Centre, Director, CAPS (Colloquium for Ageing Perspectives and Spirituality), Australian Centre for Christianity & Culture, Charles Sturt University
Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth’s focus is on equipping individuals and organisations to offer quality of life to older people so they can live a meaningful, purposeful, and enriching life.

Elizabeth Pringle brings over 20 years management experience in the areas of executive management, learning and development and quality management in a range of industries particularly aged and community services. Elizabeth has many years experience in ageing and spirituality and this is now her primary area of focus.

Integrating Spirituality and Quality of Life

We want to walk this journey with you to make the changes that enable older people to live life to the fullest.

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