Free Webinar: Integrating Spirituality into the Model of Care

Integrating Spirituality into the Model

of Care

Holistic Care is the goal, but are we really achieving it?
As a former Operations Manager of the Australian Aged Care regulator, I have visited thousands of organisations providing care. While there are some exceptions, the vast majority of aged care services are providing an acceptable quality of care to older people. However, I am not sure we can conclusively say the same in relation to quality of life. Over the years, I have talked to thousands of older people in the roles of Aged Care Quality Assessor, Researcher, family member and as a Chaplain. So many older people have talked of the loneliness and emptiness they feel even though they are surrounded by people. Many staff are in aged care because they really do care for older people, yet they struggle to find the time and the means to give the care they want. We need to change this and I am hoping you will come on the journey to place spirituality at the heart and centre of all care and services.


At the recent International Conference for Aging and Spirituality, I presented a paper on ‘Integrating Spirituality into the Model of Care’.

Will you stand with me in seeking to ensure that all care and services focus on enabling older people to live a life with dignity, meaning, purposes, connectedness and with hope?

Join with me to catch the vision of how to ‘Integrate Spirituality into the Model of Care’.

This event is free because we need more and more people to be intentional about putting meaning, purpose and connectedness back into care and services so that older people can live life to the full.

Be part of the change to integrate spiritual care into everyday care.

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