Transformative® Coaching

Transformative® Coaching

Do you want to be more effective in your role and in the effectiveness of your team? Do you want to grow as a leader? Then Transformative Coaching is likely to be of benefit to you.

Transformative Coaching focuses on identifying your strengths and learning how you can leverage those strengths. Learn how to ‘show up’, ‘speak-up’ and be a key influencer in your workplace and become an industry leader who can make a difference.


Transformational Coaching is for those in leadership positions at any level. It fosters growth, maximises leadership potential, and seeks solutions to overcome obstacles. Some of the most common coaching areas include:

  • Authentic leadership and being true to yourself
  • Transitioning to new roles and taking on new responsibilities
  • Executive presence and influence
  • Managing the politics and emotional intelligence
  • Positioning yourself for growth and opportunities
  • Strategic leadership and business planning
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Managing challenging relationships
  • Building high-performing teams


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Elizabeth brings you over 25 years of executive management and leadership experience work with people.


  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision
  • Master of Arts (Ageing and Pastoral Studies) with Distinction
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Education in Adult Education
  • Chaplaincy Intern with Chaplaincy Australia with 2.5years experience
  • Elizabeth is an Associate member of AAOS (Australian Associate of Supervision)
  • During her internship, Elizabeth is being supervised through Group Supervision, Individual Supervision and participating in monthly professional development sessions in Professional Supervision.

Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth Pringle

Elizabeth’s focus is on equipping individuals and organisations to offer quality of life to older people so they can live a meaningful, purposeful, and enriching life.

Elizabeth Pringle brings over 20 years management experience in the areas of executive management, learning and development and quality management in a range of industries particularly aged and community services. Elizabeth has many years experience in ageing and spirituality and this is now her primary area of focus.

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