Community Engagement

Developing relationships, positively influencing and engaging local people and communities is crucial particularly during periods of change and transition. Establishing effective working relationships across all parts of society will ensure that the needs of local people are understood and acted upon. We design engagement processes that are goal driven. We clearly define the stakeholders, their interests and appropriate strategies to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower. We can provide an ‘end-to-end’ solution, and/or work with your team collaboratively on particular aspects of a community engagement strategy.

Our services include:

  • Establishment of community engagement goals and objectives
  • Identification of an appropriate community engagement framework for your situation
  • Development of a community engagement strategy
  • Identification of the most suitable methods for consultation and engagement of stakeholders
  • Development of a project plan and implementation strategy
  • Analysing and interpreting findings
  • Reporting on your results
  • Data analysis and recommendations
  • Strategy to monitor and evaluate your community engagement strategy
  • Determine methods for feedback to stakeholders
  • Translating outcomes into policy