This Ready-to-Go Package will kick-start your organisation to establish a group to provide leadership, support and oversight of Quality of Life. Many organisations have clinical care committees and Medication Advisory Committees…isn’t Quality of Life just as important as these?

What most older people dread about receiving care at home or moving to a residential setting is that they will lose their independence and their Quality of Life. Physical care such as food services, personal care and clinical services can dominate to the exclusion of wellbeing, spirituality and quality of life. For this reason, it is recommended that care services establish a Quality of Life group (you decide the title i.e. committee, working group, advisory group) to ensure that holistic care is provided that meets the physical and psychosocial-spiritual-emotional needs of older people.

This package includes:

  • Self-Assessment Readiness Checklist – This checklist assists you to determine your readiness and what you need to have in place to make this succeed
  • Terms of Reference – Draft version for you to adapt or adopt that cover purpose, meeting pattern and membership
  • Business Case Outline – This document helps you to make the case to the key influencers that this group will deliver value to the older people and the organisation.
  • Leadership – This document outlines the options for leadership and the reporting structures.
  • Membership – This document provides guidance on who to include and a briefing for them.
  • Standard Agenda – This document provides a sample meeting agenda of what should be included at each meeting.
  • Data and Reporting to the group – The group should be reviewing data and reports that enables the organisation to monitor quality of life and engages older people.
  • Evaluation process – All projects and initiatives should be evaluated to assess the effectiveness and to inform any improvements that could make it even better. This document provides a template for measuring the effectiveness of the group.

Included: 30 min complimentary Zoom consultation

Investment: $497+GST

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